Our experience at DMEXCO

Antonie Králová

DMEXCO – Digital Marketing Conference & Exposition 2023 as co-exhibitors and solution partners to Kentico is behind us, leaving us with some fresh insights and ideas. It was a great opportunity to connect with new and established clients and represent our work with new materials, case studies as well as a short in-booth presentation on Škoda Dealers SaaS platform

German football club on the fast track for a digital win!

Kentico together with AG Kuehlhaus presented an in-depth case study on the stage about the new website for the football club 1. FSV Mainz 05, which our team at Bluesoft did development for. This fruitful and close collaboration between us, Kentico and Kuehlhaus created a website that brings fans and the football team closer together, through a seamless customer journey and future-proof technology – Xperience by Kentico. We hope to share more about this solution and why it’s so future-ready soon.

Artificial intelligence

A huge topic at DMEXCO was GenAI. Many large companies, like MasterCard have talked about this on stage extensively. They have been using some form of generative AI for data analysis for a long time, helping them deal with large quantity datasets. The main reason for the hot discussion is how AI products have become to the average user and smaller companies. Of course, AI can’t handle everything but streamlining some of the menial tasks with AI powered tools is already a game-changer. Additionally, it can be a useful tool for the creative process. Do we use AI? If it makes sence for our clients then of course! In our case-study on Potten & Pannen, you’ll see we have integrated Recombee - AI powered real time recommender. Xperience by Kentico already has a new AI email writer, explaining how it works and promising new exciting features in their newest blogpost.

Omnichannel marketing

The rise of Omnichannel marketing, a customer-centric approach to marketing, is all about elevating the customer journey to new hights. Some of our clients have already taken to this approach and we have been developing new solutions with this direction at core. From our first-hand experience, Kentico facilitates this new approach well and we’re happy to give you a more concrete idea of how you can integrate omnichannel marketing into your own customer care. 

In the future we hope to continuously take part in conversations on the newest web-development/marketing facets as we improve on our solutions. Visit our LinkedIn for more in-real-time updates about our ventures and newest interesting references.