Bluesoft Tech Day 2024

BiQ Bluesoft

Changes and overhauls are always good when it comes to new technology, or are they? The decision to upgrade and invest in newer tech is nuanced, and we know that well. There's hot new product on the market - Xperience by Kentico (XbyK), and we wanted to share important insights with our contacts and clients. For this purpose, we organized Bluesoft Tech Day together with our partners Kentico, Microsoft, and BiQ Group.


Bluesoft Tech day, the origins

🕒 It's not that long ago that Kentico released their new product, Xperience by Kentico. As one of the more mature solution partners, we've known about the effort to create something from the ground up without the technological baggage of 10+ years for a few years. Today we can we can speak from experience because we've developed one of the first projects on it - Mainz 05. Additionally thanks to the early adopters programme by Kentico, we got the unique opportunity to get in-depth feedback and regular review of our development on the project.

To be able to share even more with our clients, we also decided to test out and use the official migration toolkit provided by Kentico, to migrate our corporate website from KX13 to XbyK.

With this experience in hand, we collaborated with Kentico on a programme relevant to our clients.

David Slavík from Kentico told us about the philosophy with which the product was developed and how it maps onto its current and planned features.

Jakub Leichmann from Kentico
had a practical DEMO showcasing the new UX/UI and personalization functionality in practice.

✅ The solutions we craft are tailored to our clients' needs; we looked at how a select few utilize Kentico and the custom features we made for them with our PM Lukas Romansky and Sales Manager Petr Lebeda.

✅ Our dear client from ComAp Group, Tomas Hruska, accepted our invitation to share a bit about their Czech, globally successful company, with insight into how our integrations assist their clients daily. 💡🤝

✅ Our CTO, Milan Šůstek, then closed it all with an overhaul of our personal and technological experience with the new product and the changes it brings.

Why is there a new Kentico platform, where is the value?

The answer is more complicated, but TL;DR it all comes down to effectivity.
KX13, the previous solution, has been improved on for over 10 years. Right now, it's also dragging behind a technological debt of those years.

🌟Xperience by Kentico is faster, more efficient. It's built from the ground up with the current day best technology and practices, focusing on improving the features users love the most.

We're not the only ones attesting to that, hosting on Microsoft Azure can now cost half as much as before! Why? Because new technologies can optimize resource usage, improve performance, and enhance scalability, thereby reducing the overall demand on server resources. Proved by (not so) simple math!

Thank you to everyone who participated, listened, gave us valuable feedback, and made the event so great!